Biocides are used in a wide range of applications to destroy or control the growth of microorganisms, which thrive  everywhere some moisture and an appropriate nutrient is present.

Product Name

Chemical Description

Solid, %

Applications & Properties

Arquad MCB-50
Arquad MCB-80

Coco (fractionated)
ammonium chloride


Disinfectant for algae, bacteria and fungi Sanitizer
● Hydrotrope
● Solubilises high concentration of salts
● Poor wetting agent
● Foaming
● Not compatible with anionics

Arquad 2.10-50
Arquad 2.10-80

Dimethyl ammonium chloride


Better bactericidal efficiacy with broad spectrum activity
● Better biocidal efficacy
● More difficult to formulate
● Poor soubiliser of salts
● Foaming
● Not compatible with anionics

Triameen Y12D
Triameen 30

Dodecyldipropylene triamine, sistilled


Highly effective disinfectant with synergistic and good compatibility with surfactants
● Tuberculocidal disinfectant
● Broad spectrum activity both
    to gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
● Maintains high efficacy in presence of heavy     organic soiling
● Active against enveloped viruses
● Also provides corrosion inhibition
     (is not corrosive to metals)