Fabric Care Product

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 Product Name

Properties & Application

 ☞ Armosoft DA-EQ

Formulated  ester-quaternary  ammonium based product designed to meet all your sheet actives needs.

 ☞ Armosoft DA-K

Formulated quaternary ammonium product to meet all dryer sheet actives needs.
- Antistatic
- Softning
- Textile Softners
- Antistat Formulation 

 ☞ Armosoft PA & PQ

It's unique for laundry applications.
- Household laundry
- Institutional laundry 

 ☞ Armosoft WA-V Powder

A vegetable based fabric conditioning additive for powder detergents
- Antistatic
- Anionic compatible
- Antistat formulation
- Laundry
- Textile Softners